Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is my new favorite book. My Aunt told my mom about it and she told me and I'm so glad they did. It is so fun to read out loud. It is about a Siamese kitten who is convinced that he's really a Chihuahua in disguise. With a little imagination and a whole lot of fun, this frisky cat dons a mask and cape and takes on a bad bumble-beeto to save the day. And along the way, he'll be sure to steal young reader's hearts, yes indeed-o! Here is a little taste . . .

My name is Skippito Friskito. (clap clap)

I fear not a single bandito. (clap clap)

My manners are mellow,

I'm sweet like the Jell-O,

I get the job done, yes indeed-o. (clap clap)

p.s. You might have to read through it a couple of times to get all the rhyming rhythm down. But ounce you do it is a really fun read.

Be sure to check out the other Skippyjon Jones books that are avaiable. :)

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