Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cows are Cute, Right?

Well since I'm 36 Weeks pregnant I'm feeling large and in charge. :) I thought it would be funny to share some of my favorite cow books.

By Doreen Cronin ----------------------------------------------------------------------By Margie Palatini---------------------------------------------------------------------By Marsha D. Arnold

These books are all so cute. My little boy laughed during all three of them and he is only 2 1/2. It probably helps that I get pretty animated when I'm trying to make reading fun. :) Anyway, go check these out and tell us what you think. Also let us know if you have any favorite COW books. :p

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Shauntel said...

"Click, Clack, Moo"
A very interesting book. My kids weren't really into it much. I thought there was a cute twist at then end.